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What is backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention is the term used to refer to the prevention of an unwanted, reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source back into the clean drinking water supply pipework.

Testable backflow prevention devices shall be commissioned and tested after installation and prior to service. They shall be maintained in working order and be tested for operational function at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

Backflow prevention devices are essentially installed to prevent the possibility of back-siphonage and or back pressure from potential contaminated sources.

Examples of potential sources of contamination:
● Fire Hose Reels (FHRs)
● Irrigation systems
● Swimming pools
● Vehicle maintenance pits
● Ornamental ponds
● Air conditioning towers
● Vehicle/bin washing bays
● Chemical injection areas

Examples of properties requiring backflow prevention:
● Hotels, motels and apartment buildings
● Vehicle workshops, garages and car-washes
● Shops
● Restaurants
● Caravan parks
● Medical and dental facilities
● Dry cleaners and laundries
● Hospitals and funeral parlors
● Sports Clubs
● Schools, day care centers and kindergartens
● Pest control and water carrying vehicles
● Botanic gardens

What is the safeguard to prevent a backflow occurrence?
A correctly selected backflow prevention device (one-way valve) will eliminate any risk of contamination of the drinking water supply. Backflow devices are either testable or non-testable types with the selection dependent on the risk associated with the possible contamination.
Application & registration of backflow prevention devices

Council is required to keep a register as per the following:
● Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 Section 38 – Testable backflow prevention devices,
● State Government Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003.

A local government, or an authorized entity, must maintain a register of the testable backflow prevention devices.

An owner of an installed testable backflow prevention device must;
● register the device with the local government or entity; and
● have the device inspected or tested by a person who is licensed to do the work, every 12-months.

The endorsed plumber who tests a backflow prevention device, must within ten business days from inspection, provide written test results to Council.

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